Bead Strings

Dagney has dispersed her bead strings throughout the San Juan Islands. If you have found one, you can keep it, or pay it forward. If you keep it, please enjoy all the goodness it brings you. If you choose to pay it forward, you can do so by hiding it in a new location for someone else to find, but make sure the website name is still attached so others can learn about Dagney and her bead string passion.

Did you find a bead string?

Tell Dagney which one you found and where you found it. Are you going to keep it or pay it forward? 


  1. Lisa GETHERS

    Found muck on bulletin board by Rocky Bay Cafe.

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Lisa. Muck sounds…mucky. But that particular bead string changes the course of someones life. It will keep you safe and give you good fortune.

      • Stacey

        Found Muck at skate park – 6.25.19. Given the direction of my life since February 2019 and after a sexual assault I am keeping this bead bracelet as a sign💕💕 I love this and thank you for making them

        • Abigail Carter

          Hello Stacey. I’m sorry about those unfortunate events. Muck is for luck. It will pull you out of a muddy situation. Please keep it and carry that positive energy with you. But always remember to pay it forward in any way that you can.

    • Lottie

      I found vibe on the bulletin board by San Juan bakery, I would like to keep it!

      • Abigail Carter

        Hello Lottie, I am glad you are keeping it. Your particular word is about the vibration of acoustic levitation that Dagney shows off to her new friends. All bead string words will keep you safe and bring you good will. Enjoy your bead string.

      • Jimmy

        Found mine bulletin board by brick works BIRD

        • Abigail Carter

          Hello Jimmy, Seems you were given the “BIRD”. It’s all quite good, and it will help keep everyone around you honest and true. Enjoy!

    • Kathy Kallunki

      Hi, I found Crab on a board next to the ATM machine across The street from the ferry terminal. I was very intrigued to see what it was about. Heading back home to Oregon tomorrow and I plan on buying the book. Thank you for the good luck, I plan on keeping it for awhile and then pay it forward.

      • Abigail Carter

        Hello Kathy Kallunki,I’m so glad you found Crab! It will keep you standing up when you’re feeling a little upside down. All in all, it’s very good fortune! Enjoy the story!!

    • Nancy

      Hi I found muck on one of the Sculpture chairs in front of the theater on my way to pick up my dinner at Haley’s not sure if I’m going to play it forward or not but I most likely will so glad that muck Is luck I need some luck plus it made me smile thanks for the luck and smile

      • Abigail Carter

        Hello Nancy. Muck is luck. It helps you get unstuck. Keep it then pay it forward, or whatever you want to do. The best part is, it made you smile.

        • Nancy

          So I am going to play mine forward because it brought me the luck I needed now I will pass that in thanks so much I love this I hope I find another one someday

    • Maddy

      I found mine outside the bait shop with the name “FISH” on it

      • Abigail Carter

        Hello Maddy, Glad you found “FISH”. It will bring you better success than what you strive for. Live your best life!

  2. Libby

    Bird and I’m going to keep it

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Libby, glad you are keeping it. It will bring you good fortune and keep you safe. Enjoy.

  3. Liz

    I found “bird” on a pushpin along Spring street, FH.
    It will be be shared in Anacortes.

    PS I also come from NJ, many years ago. 🙂

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Liz, Bird is the word. It will bring you good will, and always remember to pay it forward.

  4. Karl Bruno

    Hey Dagney,
    found the FISH bead. Pretty cool, will pay it forward !

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Karl Bruno. Paying it forward is always a cool thing to do. Thanks for that.

  5. Lee

    I found “camp” I think I will keep it for now and pay it forward later. I found it outside the Bean cafe. Thank you 🙂

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Lee, that sounds like a great idea. Thank you.

  6. Kelsey Barnes

    I got muck and I’m going to keep him. I found him at the little store

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Kelsey, “Muck” may not sound like a nice word, but it is life saving. Now that you have it, it will bring you good fortune.

    • B

      Found “Vibe” by the Golden Triangle. I will pay it forward!
      💀 ♥️

  7. Kat

    Hello, I found one that says “Shaw”. I found it on an info board on Spring Street in Friday Harbor. I plan to keep and cherish it. I love to wear bracelets, and this is the first day of my kayak/camping adventure. I think this is a positive sign for a wonderful trip. Thanks to Dagney for leaving it. It will be cherished and appreciated. I might even buy the book as it sounds interesting!

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Kat, I’m so glad you found the bead string Shaw! The meaning of the word is explained in the book, but indeed, it will bring you good fortune and keep you safe on your kayak trip. Have a wonderful time and always remember to “pay it forward”.

  8. justin

    i found a bead string that says “jive.”

    it said i could see what it means at this site.

    i see no description.

    so, i am going to assume that whoever finds the one that says “jive” is instantly considered a jive turkey and being a jive turkey is “cool pimp.”

    am i right?



    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Justin, all the meanings of the bead string words can be found in the book. But in your case, jive is a cool word and it will bring you good fortune in a karmic sort of way. Jive on dude!!!

      • Jess and Ryan

        Hi there! We love our bead strings! They’re beautiful! 💖 Thank you for passing them around the Pride Day celebration! We have “Kelp” and “Weld”. Super curious to know what they mean! Thanks again!

        • Abigail Carter

          Hello Jess and Ryan. So glad you love your bead strings. All bead strings bring you good fortune and positive energy. You can find out about Dagney’s bead string project and both of those words in her first book, Dagney Skully and the Pendulum Bead Strings. Enjoy your strings, they will keep you safe.

  9. Zac

    I just found the bead string that says “crab”. It was on a low altitudes bulletin board in Friday Harbor. I plan on keeping it. What a neat find! Thanks

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Zac! Glad you found “crab”. Keeping it will keep you in an upright position when you’re feeling upside down. Lucky find! Goodwill to you.

  10. Jinx

    My two yr old and I found fish in the little library! She loves it and it’s hers now! We would love to know the meaning🌟

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Jinx! Fish is the word on the bead string that Dagney gives to a Shaw Island resident who gives her a ride to the ferry. She is on her way to go fishing and that is why she chose that word to give him. All bead string words will keep you safe and bring about good will to its owner. Enjoy your bead string.

  11. Jinx

    Hi I commented before asking for the meaning of fish, found in the little library. I guess my comment was deleted or deemed offensive? You emailed me so I’m sure you saw my post? I’m confused. Either way My daughter loves it and we are keeping it. Thank you

  12. Vicki Hebert

    I am so excited that I found the bead string on the bulletin board at Ace. Lovin’ me some “corn”. I would also love to know the meaning of corn. I am so thrilled to find the bead string, I don’t know if I will pass it on. Hi Sarena, I can’t wait to purchase Dagney Skully.

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Vicki Herbert! I’m glad you found “corn”. All bead string words are elements from the story. You will have to pay close attention to know where that word comes from. But more importantly, the bead strings bring good fortune and good will. Happy reading!

  13. Coral wilson

    I found a muck bead string last night on a pick nick table at jacksons beach. Made me smile

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Coral wilson, Muck equals luck. Your smile will last a very long time. Good fortune and good will is always by your side.

  14. Lilly

    I found slab on a bulletin board. 🙂

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Lilly. Slab! It’s a city of lawless beauty and enchantment. The bead string will keep you safe from all unnatural disasters. The book will explain how the bead strings work.

  15. Amelia

    Found a fish at Jackson beach,and I really needed it! Absolutely love it thank you so much

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Amelia,
      The bead string will always be there when you need it. Fish is a tribute to the fantastic Fangtooth Fish from down deep. Read about it in the book. You will always be safe.

  16. liana velasquez

    Found Fuzz on the bulletin outside of Rocky Bay Cafe. I plan on keeping it 😊💗

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Liana velasques. Fuzz is all the buzz. Rumble the bumble bee can tell you all about it. But rest assured, all bead strings are for good fortune and well being. Keep it and you will enjoy all the love of the Earth; Pay it forward and someone else will too. I hope you enjoyed your stay on San Juan Island.

  17. Samuel Ruzumna

    I was on a school camping trip from Seattle and I found “Vibe” by camp site, I love it! I would pay it forward but I didn’t know what it was until I got back to Seattle

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Samuel Ruzumna! Glad you found Vibe. It will keep you elevated when you need a lift. Good vibes to you Samuel!! By the way, you can pay it forward anytime and anywhere, in any way.

  18. liana velasquez

    Found FUZZ on a bulletin board outside Rocky Bay Cafe. I plan on keeping it. What does the Fuzz mean? 💗

  19. Stephanie Simonton

    Hi Serena…
    I found a BIRD string at the Brewery where I was then suddenly inspired to sing a sad old Irish ballad. What does the bird string mean? Think I’ll hold onto it for a bit then go pass it on. Love, Stephanie

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Stephanie Simonton. All bead strings are for good fortune and karmic elevation. “Bird” is for a particular ostrich that saves a particular person. The details are all explained in the story. You now have good fortune, and paying it forward it even better fortune.

  20. Dani Prater

    I was given one at work with the word “KELP” on it. I love the idea of this and will pay it forward. These are absolutely wonderful and I hope I come across more.

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Dani! So glad you got kelp. Kelp will help you land in the right place. Just go with the current and let mother nature guide your way. Where do you work?

  21. Hailey LaMountain

    We found Orca at Friday Harbor outside Haileys sports bar and grill. We are going to keep it. We like it!

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Hailey. Glad you like Orca! They are a very special part of the Salish Sea. Your bead string word will help you be the best that you can be.

  22. Mandy Husmann

    On the bulletin board at Brickworks I found a bead string with the word “KELP”. At first I thought it said “HELP” which I thought odd. I plan to keep it for now, its beautiful and perhaps it WILL help, cause Lord knows I need some. Could you please tell me what you have determined “KELP” to mean? Please and thank you!

    • Abigail Carter

      Helly Mandy. KElP is for HELP. It will keep you afloat when things get rough.

  23. Emily

    I found JIVE in a free little library in Friday Harbor!

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Amily. If you’re not feeling so groovy, JIVE will keep you swingin’. Pay it forward when you’re in the mood.

  24. Ed

    found crab on a prak bench by the whale museum…fornow going to keep him…will play him forward later…after he goes on a road trip to a place I know he’s never been…

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Ed. CRAB would love to go on a road trip. It will keep you upright when things are upside down. Cant’ wait to find out where CRAB ends up.

  25. Tracy and Dominic

    Hi, my son and I were DOUBLE-y lucky tonight! Dominic found Orca sitting on one of the rock seats outside the Palace Theater. At first we thought someone had lost a treasure they had just purchased so we tried to give it to others who may have left it behind but no one claimed it so he left it on the rock seat hoping someone would come back for it.
    As I walked to our vehicle, I pAssed by the bulletin board at Rocky Bay Cafe and saw Jive,
    I read the tag on this treasure and told him what it said, he brought the one he found.
    We believe in the spirit of the islands being about finding fun and treasure in everything, we will definitely pass them along during our hikes we plan to tie them to tree branches to be found again, thank you for this fun adventure.

    • Abigail Carter

      Hello Tracy and Dominic. You DID double your luck. All bead strings will keep you well and in a safe place, especially if you pay it forward. Have fun in the islands.

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